Inter Club Competition 1st April 2023

What a great day for all involved with some great fights, this has been long overdue (as is my blog), primarily the juniors with some adults thrown in. After finally getting back to normality after such a long lay off last year the club is running better than ever with old and new talent coming through the ranks.

It was important for us to make sure our students got a taste of competition before we get another club involved, we pride ourselves in being a pure semi-contact club, full control and technique driven and that is spread by our great team of coaches.

Thanks to all who took part, you did us all proud, especially yourselves, with parents watching, it’s not easy to climb into a ring in front of people and show what you can do, just brilliant well done ALL! it’s a chance for them to see how far they have come and put the techniques they have learnt to the test and show there parents how far they have come.

We are going to be doing another one and then hopefully invite a similar club to have a friendly competition with them.

I myself have been teaching for over 30 years and fortunate to have kept this club running, very blessed and with the help of the amazing bunch of coaches, Toby Allen, Luke Masterton, Lorna C, Zoe D, New coach talent coming through Simon B and some of our juniors passing on there wisdom, Evan T, Finlay H and Florence D, we are going from strength to strength, it goes with out saying thank you to all the parents for the great taxi service they provide and unselfish support for there kids, with you all we have a great extended family.


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