Epsom and Ewell Club Competition Taster

Just want to congratulate All who took part in last Saturdays competition taster at our Epsom and Ewell club! Big thank you to Paul who came down with his club from West Byfleet and all the parents that came and watched and made it a special day for thee kids, some amazing little kick boxers coming through!! To all our kids from the Monday and the Saturday class fantastic attitudes and control shown!!! we also had some adults doing some demos with Molly Browne stepping into the ring with Nicole Blanco Amazing to see one of our Dan grades showing her effortless kicking technical ability and Molly her 1st time and only been with us for 6 months able to keep up with her and landing some high kicks of her own, brilliant!! Then Zoe (one of the kids coaches you know) and Nicole showing skill and technical ability in there sparring session, awesome!!! Then we had our very own Paul lupi jump in along with Saty to demo with Jamie Blanco who received his long over due Dan grade, he has been working towards over the last several months, Well done Jamie, superb skills!!! Congratualtions… Thank you to the usual suspects who never let the club down, Paul Lupi, Kelly Hooper, Lorna Collier, Zoe Duviau, Saty (came down from Birmingham),Toby Allen, Nicole Blanco, Jamie Blanco, Maggs Lupi and the entire Lupi Family!! Thank you Katie Davis for Photography, one of our old members who we now have the pleasure of teaching Gavin and Katies son Riley who comes from 3 generations of the club with his grandad Dave O. They will be on the website soon as i can workout how to put them on Lets do this again soon!!!

Warmest Regards, Stuart


New Teenager Kick Boxing Club in West Byfleet

Hi Everyone, It has been ages so where do we start? Today’s session at Epsom has inspired me!!!! Well we now have a new teenager club opened last year over in West Byfleet under the guidance of Poalo Lupi and what a great bunch they are! I have been lucky enough to teach them last year and am looking forward to seeing them again when they come over to Epsom for an afternoon of competition experience along with our Monday club on the 4th of March at 2pm. Took me back watching Poalo and Toby spar!!!! We have some amazing talent once again coming through the ranks along with some old favorites, Lewis G, Nicole B, Jamie B (who at the moment is about to take his long over due black belt), Luke M, and of course our fantastic Zoe representing the girls who are at the moment a force to be reckoned with, with Molly B, Gina, Rhianna and Allanah on our Monday adult class, look out lads they are coming on great and hope they will take part on the 4th.The major return of Toby Allen.Last week saw Saty come back down to join us (as he does regularly) all the way from Birmingham I have persuaded most to be doing some demo’s on the day (more the merrier). Tonight sees me hooking up with some old legends from where it all began, the guys and girls responsible for giving me the tools to pass to you and I cant wait!! will update you and hope to share some photos… One thing I do need to mention, A massive thank you to ALL that help run this club, especially Kelly Hooper of whom teaches every single week without fail kids and adult class, come and see her on Mondays at the Hamptons and congratulations to her, Dan and Poppy on the soon to be here new baby. just another great family within our family!!!!!! To ALL you fab students I have had the privilege to train with we would love to see you back bringing on the new and taking this club back to where it belongs!!!! Thank you to you guys this morning for inspiring me to write this I thoroughly enjoyed teaching you! Stuart