Surrey Kick Boxing

Surrey Kick Boxing can trace its roots back to the Japanese Martial Art of Mugendo – “Unlimited Way”.

In short, the traditions and styles of various martial arts have been incorporated into the current teaching philosophy of Surrey Kick Boxing with core emphasis on fitness, technique and self accomplishment of the individual student.

Originally established in 1985, (and previously known as Shannons) Surrey Kick Boxing is recognised by its students as being one of a friendly and family orientated club where the onus of training is not based solely on a grading system but based on the individual, his/her skill set and what they wish to achieve from the sport.

Teaching to music is also incorporated to all our classes, be it as part of the warm-up, stretch, high impact exercise, techniques, sparring or cool down – it is a fundamental part of our teaching methodology and makes for a great environment in which to train.

Of course, with many martial arts the opportunity to spar with your peers is one of the key elements and teaching principals. The club enforces a strict semi-contact policy (i.e. technique, fitness, control and respect).

Our aim is to ensure students enjoy our lessons.

We hope this provides you with an understanding of Surrey Kick Boxing and we look forward to seeing you.

The Coaching Team: Stuart, Paolo, Joe, Toby, Luke, Lorna and Zoe